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Marybeth Mitts

Marybeth Mitts is dedicated to advancing the 3rd Berkshire District through community development, accessible housing, and improved public services. With her strong foundation in public service, she aims to drive sustainable growth and innovation. Join her in building a thriving future for our community.
Marybeth Mitts

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November 5th
About Marybeth

Meet Marybeth Mitts

Dedicated to serving communities for over two decades, with a significant focus on the Berkshires, Marybeth Mitts brings a wealth of experience in community planning, economic development, and public service. Her passion for positive impact is evident as she seeks to bring her unique blend of insight and integrity to the Massachusetts House of Representatives.
About Marybeth

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Issues & Priorities

Marybeth Mitts is committed to tackling key challenges to improve our district's quality of life. Her campaign focuses on sustainable development, cultural enrichment, and effective governance. Discover the issues at the heart of her agenda aimed at fostering community well-being and prosperity.
Housing and Community Development
Cultural Districts & Economic Development
Community Mental Health Services
Workforce and Supportive Services
Municipal Governance and Resource Allocation
Municipal Vulnerabilities and Public Safety
Volunteers and Community Engagement
Civil Engagement
Together, we can make meaningful progress on these priorities, shaping a resilient and vibrant future.
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Issues / Priorities
Small Town Housing Working Group

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